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On 04.05.20 we will open with the old staff under new conditions. You can already book online now.

So that we don't get too close, we have changed our opening times and only work with a maximum of three hairdressers on 140sqm.

The following measures for your and our safety!

1. Only appointments can be made by phone daily from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. or online at any time!
2. Our customers and we always wear face masks.
3. We have installed a spit protection in the checkout area.
4. Our customers have to disinfect your hands.
5. We always wear disposable gloves for single use per customer.
6. Only customers with an appointment are allowed in the shop!
7. Towels and cloaks as well as tools and workplaces are disinfected for every customer.
8. We have added aids for distance control.
9. All entertainment (coffee, drinks) and magazines are prohibited by law!

Due to the requirement to wash the hair of the customer before each service and the considerable effort for personal protection, we are currently unable to offer children's haircuts under 6 years of age and services such as bangs or contour cuts. Likewise, we are currently unable to offer eyelashes, eyebrows or beard service!

Thank you for your understanding, take care of yourself!

Yours Marcus Schacher and his team.



We welcome you at HAARSTUBE

We offer the whole range of hairworks by best trained professionals.
We collect our inspirations on international shows and convention, to be best prepared for YOU

Some of use have special knowledge in extensions, permanent straightening, or updo.

All of us speake english, minimum basic level, to give you the comfort you need.



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Our Team

The HAARSTUBE team works together for years, so we ARE a family, and we hope you will be part of it soon. We are used to work in team, to make the knowlege of each to your advantage.



Scheffe & Friseurmeister, Simply the Best...



Senior Stylistin. Dank 30 Jahren im Betrieb, noch immer so schön wie am ersten Tag.



Friseurmeisterin mit Präzision und Empathie in Perfektion.




Kreativer Freigeist und Meister seines Fachs.



Mit Leib und Seele Friseurin, die den Freiraum von Familie nutzt, um sich eurer Schönheit zu widmen.



Proseccoschupse und Betriebsoma.




Our prices includes all kind of haircare and styling we use to create your style.
Also our famous service and all fees and taxes are inclusive.

Men cut

from 33,- €

Lady cut

from 49.- €

Kids cut (from 6 to 14 Years)

ab 25,- €


from 45,- € plus material

Hair straightening

from 169,- € plus material

Hair thickening with Vidahair

from 120,- € plus material

Hair wedding service

Hour. 60,- €

Color change

from 45,- € plus material

Herbanima plant color

from 65,- €

changed: May 2020